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Tatiana Antonchanka
Антонченко Татьяна
Interior designer, architect, astrologer, real estate developer, decorator, defectologist, publicist, creator and head of the company
«Ant Interior Development»
design studio «3D Projeсt»
construction company «STROYA»
school "Art & Design Life"
unique project "Astra Architect"
book author"Стили интерьера с Татьяной Антонченко"

Member of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM (Paris, France) and the official representative of the International Association of Designers VATIKAM in Belarus.

Member of the European Association of Universities and Teachers of the Higher School-HiSTES (Hamburg) with an operational center in Prague. More details

Member of the collective purchase of 2 Castles in France: Castle Ebaupinay, dating from the end of the 14th century and
Le château de la Mothe 13th century Chandeniers, located at the edge of the Loire Valley.
I am a co-owner of the Castle, a shareholder of the company that owns the Castle.
(As a shareholder, I get the right to participate in the life and management of the project, I have the right to vote at general meetings and thus take part in making decisions that will affect the future of the Castle. It also allows each shareholder to follow the progress of work, events, project proposals and build a real joint project).
Education in prestigious educational institutions in Paris, the Czech Republic, Belarus, diplomas for projects in various competitions in Belarus and Europe, and inexhaustible dedication and love for their profession 17 years.

You can see detailed information about me in my story here.

Мой instagram @asrraarchitect where there are more than 800k subscribers and a lot of interesting things in the publications of the account and Stories.
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